Capture What Really Matters

As parents, we so often focus on the external milestones.
But what if... we captured the inward journey of character?

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Get inspired by the power of a new virtue, such as grit, curiosity or compassion, through an engaging story narrated by fellow kids. 


character kits

Grow a new virtue with simple, hands-on prompts to do with your kids, grounded in leading child development research.


memory books

Celebrate your child's growing character through capturing their virtues in action in a custom photobook.


Our grit Character Challenge launches June 1st!

Check out the podcast and grit kit

We often assume character is innate. But character-building is comprised of memories or experiences they are going through. It becomes their heart.
— Father, Dublin, CA
“Calling out their character in stories reaffirms our kids.
It becomes who they are.”
— Mother, Redwood City, CA
“It’s awakened this creative child in me, as a mom.”
— Mother, Milpitas, CA