Kick off the month with the story of Beatrice, a young girl with a whole lot of imagination who learns that grit can take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

Spark conversations with your child about what to do when faced with "it's too hard..." and learn along with Bea how to "stick to it, until you can do it!" 

Concepts from leading growth mindset research (by Carol Dweck at Stanford) and grit (Angela Duckworth) are woven throughout. 


grit kit

Receive 8 challenges to grow your child's grit muscles, including a plant growing kit to develop persistence through daily watering.

Cultivate a growth mindset in your kids, based on Carol Dweck's research. based on research from Angela Duckworth (grit) or Carol Dweck (growth mindset).

Learn strategies for overcoming obstacles and getting unstuck, inspired by Angela Duckworth, researcher and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, such as learning from experts, trying new strategies, and daily practice.




memory book

Capture photos of your child showing #grit and receive a custom printed photobook of your unique Story of Grit!

grit Challenge

Join other intentional parents to focus on cultivating grit in your children this month. 




Bea Conquers the Cartwheel:
A Story of Grit

Story written and narrated by June Otu, with Steph and Maddie Patterson, Jess and Wils Munro, Bonnie Selway and Tom Hastings. 

Available on iTunes and Soundcloud.