What if you had a lens into your child's soul?


Traditionally, parents capture the external milestones like baby’s first step or a birthday, but often miss the internal moments of our child’s character development.

What if in addition to snapping photos of a fifth birthday, we captured A Year of Courage?

See everyday moments in a new light. Translate them into meaningful stories that highlight and affirm your child's character.  

“Before, I had been taking only Pinterest-worthy photos. I realized, it was the everyday moments that are bigger to a child than the picture perfect moments.”

”It’s about the everyday. The raw us. The real us.”

capture the story 

Building our child's character is one of our most significant jobs as a parent, yet hardest to capture.

Document the ways your child shows Compassion, Joy, or Grit and celebrate who they're becoming.


create a collection

Capture and curate a library of your child's virtues to read to them again and again.

Instill the truth of who they are through the power of story.