Bea Conquers the Cartwheel:
A Story of Grit

Meet Beatrice, a young girl with a whole lot of imagination who learns that grit can take you from ordinary to extraordinary.

She learns grit requires courage, resolve and strength of character. Learn strategies for growing grit in your kids, inspired by Angela Duckworth, researcher and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, such as learning from experts, trying new strategies, and daily practice.

Story written and narrated by June Otu, with Steph and Maddie Patterson, Jess and Wils Munro, Bonnie Selway and Tom Hastings. 

Available on iTunes or SoundCloud.

The Magnifier: A Tale of Curiosity

follow the story of a young boy from West Africa on his journey to discover the exceptional power of curiosity... all starting with a simple magnifying glass.

Story written by June Otu and narrated by Jess, William and Bart Munro, Steph and Maddie Patterson and June Otu.

Available on iTunes, StitcherPocket Casts or SoundCloud.

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